North Wharf Rd. Cottages before Sarah Siddons (Later North Westminster) School was built.

'Paddington Basin', by Algernon Newton. The Royal Pavilion, Brighton.

When the almshouses were demolished, the stone was saved, but presumably nobody knew what to do with it. It found its way to the Vestry Hall and from there to the Vestry Stone Yard, No 26 Wharf, 175 Harrow Road by 1930, when the Borough Engineer found it. There is a letter from the Borough Engineer asking what should be done with it, but no record of a reply, so presumably it stayed in No 26 Wharf, at 175 Harrow Road. Later it was moved to Sarah Siddons Girl's School playground. Eventually Michael Marland, the new Head teacher of North Westminster Upper School was exploring his new school site and tripped over it.



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