1960 - High Rise Flats

The high-rise building or tower block was hailed as one answer to Britain's housing problems in the 1950s and 60s, in the drive to be rid of slum areas and to segregate living areas from heavy traffic. Exten­sive use was made of prefabricated components and other industrialised construction methods, including rein­forced concrete. Usually built by budget-conscious local authorities rather than private developers, these 'streets in the sky' economised on rising land prices but living space in the flats was not always generous. Some were better suited to single people and childless couples than families, who found them noisy, cramped and lacking play space. A common complaint was that insufficient thought had been given to the provision of services, such as local shops and parks, and without a car many people found themselves isolated. The high-rise blocks quickly began to suffer from vandalism and high crime rates, and many have had to be extensively — and expens­ively — refurbished or even demolished.


1945 - Prefabricated Bungalow

1970 – Modern Estate Housing