Defoe’s House in 2009


Engraving of Defoe’s House with the entrance to the field, or to his own yard beside the house.

Saved Defoe’s House Façade.

The Façade of 91 Church Street in 2009

It is the same shape ad the central portion of the Defoe House façade, with the same peak; the same number of storeys and window arrangement (fenestration) and the same central door position.

The doorcase has been rebuilt as an Augustan one of about 1780 and the peak has an oval label sunk in it, unlike the Defoe one.

The Terrace of houses in 2009.

1871 Ordnance Survey Map detail

No. 89 Church Street in 2009

This may be a new house built by extending the side portion of the Defoe House to fill the gap between 89 and 87 Church Street, and so create a new house. The edge of the old house would be at the right-hand edge of the door.

93 Church Street

This building may have been built at the same time as 89 Church Street, using the windows on the right of Defoe’s House and extending them to form a new house. The 1871 map shows this building as a separate house, presumably with a central doorway and one window on each side. The conversion into a betting office would have been very recent of course.


95 Church Street.

This building is not shown on the 1871 map and was built when Defor Road was cut into the cattle field behind. This means the Daniel Defoe Plaque has been placed on a building he could never have seen.


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