Section II.

Condensed Section from the Dividing Ridge of the Pennine Chain above Stainmoor, South Eastwards through York to the Chalk Wold at Market Weighton, thence South-South-East to the Lincolnshire Wold Escarpment near South Willingham, and thence Southwards to the North London Glacial Drift Plateau. By S. V. Wood, junior.

The Section including the supposed Glacial Sea

The Actual Section

1. Paleozoic Rocks from the Silurian to the Permian. 2. Trias. 3. Lias. 4. Various Oolitic formations. 5. Neocornian. 6. Gault. 6'. Red Chalk. 7. The Chalk. 8. Eocene ( London clay, &c.)

a The Chalky clay. b The clay without Chalk passing horizontally into b' The Mountain Drift.
x and x' The Land Ice.

The figures representing elevation and depression are in feet.