Coppetts Farm had been cleared from the woodland in the 16th century and until the mid-nineteenth century, was the only building in Friern Barnet south of the Bounds Brook (Strawberry Brook). The borough boundary ran through what are now the back gardens of Greenham Road. The 1815 Map of Hornsey, from the Victorian County History, not reproduced here, shows that Coppetts Wood extended up to the corner of Fortis Green and Tetherdown, with only a narrow strip of common trailing down beside Tetherdown and Coppetts Road, but Coppetts Farm is not shown in the map because it was in Barnet.

The Victoria County History map of mid-19th and early 20th century development, below, shows how Coldfall Woods were reduced and a Sports Field was developed in the 1930s. This part of the map, at least, is 20th century. It was certainly not a sports field in 1925, but was the lush, sloping meadow full of buttercups which was described earlier.

The early records of Coppetts Farm are lost. Dairy farms have been amalgamated and split up again over the years and Friern Manor Dairy Farm (Park Farm) was one of those which changed hands from time to time. In 1987 the Company put together a centenary


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