pamphlet which mentions an article in the London Illustrated News of 11 June I853, with an illustration of the Great Meadow of Friern Manor Dairy Farm, but says that this was situated in Peckham. The Company had been founded in 1836, so the consolidation of many different farms into one was very early. Presumably Friern Manor Farm had been the aggressor and taken over others, including one in Peckham. On the other hand it could have been another farm of the same name. The detail is lost but the pattern of take-overs sounds very familiar.

The 1893-4 Ordnance Survey map on page 28 shows Coppetts Farm in Coppetts Rd. The farm must have extended right down the the hill, because Coppetts Wood at the bottom of Coppetts Rd was beyond the Sewage Farm.

By 1889 there were eight dairies in the company. One of them, at the corner of Hanley Rd and Crouch Hill, is still famous for its terra-cotta murals showing the methods of dairying and milk distribution years ago. Every child in that neighbourhood is still taken to see the cattle and the pretty milkmaids in their bonnets.

The dairies were well known to everyone but the profit was abysmal. They amalga­mated with others until, by 1904, the number of dairies had increased to eighteen but, faced with competition from further afield, the overall profit had sunk even lower.

Even before this however, the Company had began to realise that its extensive land holdings were more valuable as building lots than as farmland. About the turn of the century, Coppetts Farm began to sell off its fields. By 1901, Greenham Road, Wilton Road, and Sutton Road were planned and Greenham Road was partly developed. One side of Greenham Road has parts of the back gardens in Muswell Hill, but all the houses are in Friem Barnet, so clearly the Farm was developing from the District Boundary and working down the hill.

The Great Meadow of Frien Manor Dairy Farm, Peckham.

Even if this woodcut is of a different farm, the Muswell Hill one would have been very similar.



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