Fortis Green, c. 1910-92

Lynton Grange, opposite the end of Eastern Road, was another house which has since been demolished and replaced with flats. The grounds were once much larger, including all the adjoining land which is now the petrol garage. In one window of the house was a stained glass roundel with the initials J.H.S. The same initials were cast in plaster in the pediment outside, with the date 1867. The Revd. Robert Dawson once lived in the house so I thought that the initials were IHS, the Greek for Jesus, but Dawson was there in 1901, many years later. It appears that.1867 was the building date and JHS the initials of Smith, who is said to have been the owner. The house was registered with Palmer's Insurance Company, the fire company, who had their plaque on the outside wal1.56 FOOTNOTE

For many years, certainly from 1935 and perhaps even earlier, Lynton Grange was the home of the local Vets. All the neighbours with pets knew this house when Mr Taylor and then Mr Andrewes practised from the house and had animals of various kinds in pens in the garden.

Lynton Garage site was once occupied by Walker's Coach Hire firm, which let out horse-drawn carriages and traps. One lady who lived in Shakespeare Villa, in Southern Road, before Baronsmere Road had been made, remembered when it was too far for a little girl to walk to East Finchley Station. Instead, a pony cart was hired from Walker's to carry the family up Eastern Road, along Fortis Green and down the High Street to the Railway Station, to catch a steam train. 56 SUPERSCRIPT

For nearly two centuries there have been houses in Fortis Green; the Great North Road saw to that. People with incomes lived in the generous brick and stucco houses which can still be seen, well set back from the road and with good gardens behind. Some houses have gone, but enough remain to give the picture of a leafy country road still in the country. A row of ten old houses between Eastern Road and Western Road, where Coventry Patmore used to live, have all been listed. They are varied in design, all well kept, with huge trees over-arching the road, so that this part of Fortis Green is as I remember it years ago.


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