As usual the crescent produced some rectangular plots and some wedge-shaped ones. The three house layouts which follow show how Edmundson solved the problem of these different shapes. Most houses were given rectangular rooms but the shapes of some of the bedrooms and one kitchen are unusual. In another kitchen the wedge is hidden ingeniously in the scullery. 6

The houses in different roads differ in size and design but, because so much of Muswell Hill was developed by Collins and Edmondson who were building rapidly and in a similar style, the district has a unity. This is often mentioned but imagine if they had chosen a different brick. Would Muswell Hill have looked so warm and attractive in cold white bricks or strident purple-reds? Surely a great deal of the unity was due to the pressure from the Hornsey Local Board to use attractive bricks and tiles, build generously rather than skimp, and create wide roads bordered with trees as green foils to the red houses.


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