The 1913 map (see above) shows six shops with flats above, at the corner of Fortis Green and Fortis Green Road. On either side of Midhurst Avenue were two small public gardens. The 1935 map on which I have imposed the Bombing Map (page 166) was the same, but the photograph shows how three of the shops were destroyed by bombing. After the War the original public garden was extended to cover the lost sites. The photograph must have been taken from the top of Midhurst Avenue looking west.

A landmine destroyed Nos 26 to 36 Leaside Avenue and houses in Fortismerc Avenue. It so damaged others that almost all of Fortismere Avenue had to be rebuilt. Some houses were rebuilt approximately as before so they do not look different, but in fact only the two extreme ends of the east side of Fortismere Avenue are untouched. One block, bridging the centre of the damage in Leaside and Fortismere was completely demolished and was replaced by modern houses. These are unmistakable, with their tunnel entrances to rear garages.

The new houses built in Fortismere and Leaside Avenues to replace bomb damaged property.



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