Beatrix's daughter, Jennifer Tudor-Hart married Colin Jones, another architect, and they rebuilt Westside and School House as two blocks of flats, with room for a Nursery School in one block. These flats make a delightful impression, warm welcoming and humane. They are even more interesting than one would imagine from a quick glance, as they are of a completely original design. The flats are four-and a half storeys high, on seven levels. They are built in load-bearing brick cross-walls with reinforced concrete slab floors, and the plans appear normal, but they are not like any other type of flats.

These are Scissors Flats, very well known in the sixties, with examples all over London. The concept of scissors flats was developed by two or three L. C. C. architects, of whom Colin Jones was one. The L. C. C.went on to build a number of blocks, many of them far taller than the ones in Fortis Green.

Typical floor plan of point block.
Scale 1/24-ins.
1: Living Room.
2: Dining.
3: Kitchen.
4: Bedroom.
5: Linen and Heating Unit.
5: Optional balcony


Colin Jones and Jennifer Dennis, A/ARIBA.

Plan and site plan


The second site to be developed by the Housing Partnership is about 1 1/4 acres in Fortis Green. The site, which previously contained two large Victorian houses, is to be redeveloped with two 7-storey blocks of flats, a caretaker's bungalow and a large semi-sunk car-parking area. Development in depth was not permitted by the planning authority so that the proposed new laywout continues the scale and siting of the surrounding large houses.


Twenty-four dwellings in addition to the caretaker's bungalow. The 3- and 4-room flats have exceptionally large room sizes (certain living rooms, for instance, for over 300 sq. ft.). There is basically no subdivision in the kitchen-living room-balcony area but tenants can have light sub-divisions installed to the architect's detail as the bathroom, which allows space for a washing machine. As at the "Roundacre" scheme the heating is by a recirculating warmed air unit sited at the core of each dwelling. This "Harton" unit also heats the domestic hot water. It is intended that two of the ground floor flats will have minor modifications to permit their use as a Nursey School, which will have direct access to the large paved deck over the semi-sunk parking area. The latter provides for more than 100% car ownership.


Keystone, Fortis Green, Spring1861,pp.2-5

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