Sir Hugh Casson, architect and later President of the Royal Academy, said that the church was:-

'a building of architectural merit, conspicuously placed and making a highly individual visual contribution to the street scene. The building style is becoming increasingly admired for its originality and richness. It is good economic sense to use sound buildings for many years of valuable, if changed, use.'

Hundreds of individuals and organizations, from Yehudi Menuin to the Greater London Council's Historic Building Division, wrote to the Haringey Planning Department and the Department of the Environment to make their views clear. Broach collected over 9000 signatures against demolition and held a protest celebration outside the Church, with a street organ playing all day to attact the passers by.

Sir Nicholas Pevsner, who had included the Broadway Church in his Buildings of England series, said,

'Baines was the very best architect of Nonconformist churches and he is still easily recognisable. This building should in no circumstances be pulled down.'

The end of Princes Avenue. Andrew Gollmd, 1976.


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