The farms, lettered A-M, are listed with the names of tenants and farms, together with their total acreages. Each farm is then listed separately, with the name and acreage of each field.

Map 6, on the next page, has been drawn to recreate the old farms. Each farm has been reconstituted like a jig-saw puzzle done backwards, by dividing the known picture into separate pieces. Each farm and its terrier have been marked with an architectural tint.

The Common Fields, shown near the Bayswater Road lead us back to the old farming methods of the Middle Ages, when strips were allocated each year by lot, to different farmers. In fact, this part of the map must have been out of date when it was drawn, for in 1729 it was called Upton Farm (see map 7). It must have been in a state of transition, with some strips remaining, but most already consolidated into rectangular fields. We may never know how or when each field was enclosed, but if the information exists, the detailed study of an area as small as this would be fascinating. Today the area is known as Craven Hill, after Lord Craven who owned property on this site.

The complete Terrier of each farm is reproduced, and consists or three Parts:-

  • A Schedule of the Totals of each Tenant
  • Terrier of the Particulars and
  • Reference to Paddington Common Field

Farm names, Tenants names, and Farm Areas in acres, roods and poles

Farm names  Tenants' Names  A. R. P. pic17
A The BellJohn Pruce & I Baker90 2 5
B Bays WateringDitto33 2 8
C Name unknown Martin Geays40 - 37
D NewellsJohn Geays73 - 12
E DesbqroughsEdward Sexton16 3 3
F Manor HouseWilliam Godfrey126 3 1
G Widow Linnell16 2 3
H Moseley'sWidow Watson48 1 28
Parsonage House Barthol: Wetherell94 - 17
K Kilburn BridgeRichard Marsh39 1 15
L Rectory's 1. Dovey & I. Turner30 1 35 Thomas Upton Tennant
M Gravel Pit FieldThomas Upton 2 1 36 A R P
Total 612 1 - 1 Gravel Pit Field2 1 36


H Moseleys Watson: Tenant         G Widow Linnel: Tenant
A. R. P. A. R. P.
1 Brewers Close 1 The Eight Acres 9 2 27
2 Hither Eleven Acres 11 3 21 2 The Four Acres 5 2 30
3 Further Eleven Acres 11 1 3 3 House and Yards 2 - 20
4 Hither Nine Acres 9 1 20 Perch of this copyhold
5 Further Nine Acres 9 1 29 Total 16 2 3
Total  48 1 28


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