Irish Immigration and Temporary Cottages

Tomlin’s Town, on the west side of Edgware Road in 1813

This was a settlement of temporary houses on the Bishop of London's Estate, to the west of Edgware Road. The map is from the 3rd Edition of Horwood's 1813 map, which was later extended at the edges by Faden. Reproduced as 'The A-Z of Regency London', pub. by London Topographical Society.

The 1827 map redrawn by J. H. Ahern

The Portman Estate, south of the New Road, was built as close-packed squares with terraces of houses forming secure blocks, where strangers could not reach the back gardens, whereas the Eyre Estate, in St John’s Wood, was built as semi-detached villas, which were far more vulnerable. This openness shows up on the map.


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