Westbury Farm Field Names


Mrs Siddons' house at Westbourne Green, c.1800.

Westbury  Farm ran along Harrow Road, with two small pieces completely detached from the rest. When the canal was routed through the farm, some fields were cut in half and renamed Rum Hawes and Slip (North Part) and Rum Hawes and Slip (South Part) etc.

Careful examination of the map shows how the farm site has developed into our modern street pattern.

Westbourne Farm had easy access to all the fields along the Harrow Road, while a twisting country lane gave access to the rest. 'This lane became Westbourne Park Road, still with the same irregular bends, and Great Western Road, which still crosses the canal as it has done for two hundred years, but is now over-topped by Ernö Goldfinger's Trellick Tower.


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