Whole Map Detail from the 1865-66 Ordnance
Survey Landseer's house has been
coloured black.

St. John's Wood c. 1850  Map A.J. Ahern

The open layout of the semi-detached villas in St Johns Wood contrasts with the defensive blocks of the Portman Estate shown in the 1827 map on page page 54 and mentioned earlier.

Typical St. John's Wood houses

Wharncliffe Gardens

Years later, when the Metropolitan Railway was built on the other side of Lisson Grove, Punker's Barn was to become the site of Wharncliffe Gardens, the industrial dwellings built to replace the houses demolished by the Railway.

Instead of stucco houses, painted white, with large gardens behind high, discreet walls, with elegant furnishings, butlers, maids and rich gentlemen callers, the new buildings were functional, utilitarian, in five-storey blocks, close packed. Thousands of people were to make their lives there until the blocks were destroyed by bombs in the Second World War.'


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