Restoring Artizans Building in the 21st Century

The Artizans Building Society erected blocks similar to Portman Buildings in various parts of London . This huge block at the corner of Gray's Inn Road and Rosebery Road , Clerkenwell, is typical.

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This block has housed thousands of people over the years and was refurbished in about 2006. Now it looks very smart indeed. The façade was listed so there was no question of demolishing it. Instead it is a renovated hermit crab. The splendid façade was supported by steel scaffolding while much of the building behind was demolished and rebuilt to suit modern living conditions. The façade was restored and the building was ready for another century or two of use.

A typical Artisan Roof surrounded by railing and made originally to take washing lines.

A typical Artisan pillar in pink concrete, cheap, long lasting and impressive.

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Updated July 5, 2011