Developing the Sutherland Road Area

Part of the Booth Poverty Map of 1889

Wealthy (three or more servants; houses rated £100 or more)
Well to do (one or two servants)
Working class comfort
Comfort mixed with poverty
Standard poverty
Very poor

The lowest grade

This section of the map shows Elgin Avenue lined with Well-to-do houses in Red and the huge houses of Sutherland Avenue, each with its three or more servants, in Yellow. Lauderdale Road and the rest of Maida Vale had not been built. Behind the Red houses of Elgin Avenue and Marylands Road are the streets of the Neeld Estate in the Pink of Working Class Comfort.

South of the Canal was a very different story. This was the area of the Poor. Clarendon Street, next to the canal, is marked in Black and nearby streets as Very Poor and Standard Poverty. It seems appropriate that Lock Hospital and Paddington Workhouse were so close. Yet in Westbourne Terrace North there is a house coloured Yellow. Poverty lived cheek by jowl with Wealth.

The baker's boy called every day.
A drawing by Thackeray


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