Queens Park and Kentish Town

Extracts From the Booth Notebook

The two extracts which follow, one about Queen's Park and the other about Kensal town, contrast the two areas, showing the hopes of the one and the poverty of the other. The notes shown here are exactly as they were written down at the time by the Visitor.

Police Notes Outer West (23)

Walk with Sgt. Hawkins, 16 Jan, 1889.

Queen's Park Estate

Starting 5th Avenue + Kilburn Lane. Boundaries N, Kilburn Lane S, Kensal Rd to Kilburn Lane W, Kilburn Lane E,

Third Ave. - purely working class - comfortable - no poor - streets well paved - broad - asphalt side walks + granite kerbs trees at intervals, two storeyed houses varied with small towers to gable ends - send to estate office for all repairs Farrant Rd - general inspection every three years.

Estate is detached part of Chelsea - houses fairly built - interiors vary. Company given work to various builders.

 Streets v. quiet in evening, clerks, postmen, policemen - great competition for houses - three year waiting list. Rent one week in advance. Eviction is prompt - no bathrooms. No servants, 2 Chemists, no Licensed Houses which accounts for good business done by off-licenses which cluster down eastern outskirts - Rent 8 shillings and 6d (43 new pence out of a weekly income of perhaps £1.25p) for four rooms and a kitchen.

Ilbert St has larger houses 12 shillings for 7 rooms, small front space and small back yards.

In religion, keen Congregationalists. Crowd to hear Dr. Foster - Public Library S. end of 4th Ave.

On and over border of London a better class of houses and tenants but still no servants.

Kensal Rd - remains of Kensal New Town.

This is S of the canal at lower level in every way than Queen's Park Estate, Men in building trade, women support men partly or wholly - no prostitution but loose relations - 'not vicious, only poor and noisy'. The beer house 'Lads of the Village' especially noisy. Many churches, mission rooms.

Adela Terrace, 3 storey - rough brick-layers' labourers and washer- women - mess – bread, greens - windows broken and patched - blocked by canal on S side of Kensal Rd.


Two things noticeable - comfort of Queen's Park Estate and discomfort of Kensal New Town - Indefinable smell of dirt in Kensal Town + dust yard fills the air. The happy -hunting ground for missionary effort. Inhabitants not vicious but low.


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