Another Walk

Boundaries  N. Kilburn Park Rd  S. Harrow Rd  E. Maida Vale  W. Portsdown Rd

9, Jan 1889.  Walk with Sgt. Hawkins, Kilburn police division, starting S. W. of Ranalagh Rd.

Clarendon Rd fairly respectable at East End by Church, deteriorates westward - houses let by small landlords to the tenants by rooms, 5 shillings front, 4 shillings back. - labourers, casuals, road sweepers, no canal men. Better than Woodchester or Cirencester. Christmas trees with toys, candles still in the windows. Many doors open - passage bare - children dirty knees + pale - windows patched + broken, dirty blinds. Cats' meat going round - nearly all keep a cat + cats-meat man makes a good thing.

The street is mixed AC+ pink + make east end purple.
Woodchester St; Like worst end of Clarendon St but looks better and is more uniform, some thieves - not a great many and they don't do their business here - no prostitutes.

Cirencester St the worst, but improves like them to the east, rough customers, some thieves, a good many prostitutes.

Ranalagh Hall - Church Mission - does much good work in feeding the children.

Inhabitants working class largely out of work. Pay their rents or are turned out.
Desborough St. - cul de sac - v. poor - crowded children - good boots, often clothes - especially the boys, girls (illegible) all pale -insufficient food + crowding. (Classification ab).
Westbourne Park Crescent.

v. quiet - family takes a house and lets off some prostitutes who call themselves shop assistants + some genuine Westbourne Grove Assistants - no servants.

Off license in Senior St - cheap prices. (This was to be one of the streets photographed so memorably by Roger Mayne in the nineteen fifties. By 1970 some of the houses would be demolished and others been restored to luxury standards). In 1889. Purple.

Block S. off Harrow Rd and canal is occupied by railwaymen not so prosperous as the regular wages might allow - much drinking on Saturday  night.

Brindley St next to the canal verges on blue.

Mews between Alfred + Waverly - Costers hot potato, ice cream vendors (English) poor dirty place.

New Theatre (Princess) to be built in Harrow Rd between cottages and Westbury Rd. There is a drill hall here, v. keen on volunteers.

North over canal Amberly Rd - purple - houses built for Red class - many cab yards.

Staden + Netley St poor - cab washers - houses built for red class -Many cab yards but end of Amberly Rd is also light blue - common lodgings houses.
Amberley Mews - four wheel cabs and their owners.
Shirland Rd - lodgers - all off to the City in the morning.
Statham Mews small cab proprietors living over cabs somewhere.
Formosa St, wood pavement, bus route going up Warwick Rd.
Castletan Rd. Jewish colony about here.
Warwick Cres. going down. Opposite side of Kilburn Park, New Theatre to be built.
Carlton and Andover Mews made into residences - a really low class here - subdivision worse than in Cirencester Rd - don't know how they get a living - mess of paper, bread, orange peel and some costers' barrows - bare armed, quarrelsome long-haired women. South worst.


Great poverty in Northern and S.W. extremes - Kilburn Vale - worst areas not large. Poverty not really at home. These are the stepping stones of nomadic poverty - no permanent resting place before Lisson Grove.

Clarence St houses particularly well built and meant for servant keeping class - fashion discarded them + the poorer driven from Central London took possession. District otherwise remarkable for the colonies of cab men, railway workers. Some sign of poverty among the small cab men - they drink.'


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