The Bombing of Wharncliffe Gardens

The shattered Wharncliffe Gardens after the bombing raid.

Wharncliffe Gardens suffered tragic damage in World War II
and the five storey blocks had to be demolished.

In 1980 a new estate of four-storey flats was built. This design was a reaction to the tower blocks which had become after the experience of the 1960s tower blocks.  The estate has a complex layout, with many small enclosures. Each block has its own territory and ground floor flats have private entrances. There are gardens with high wooden fencing and small bollarded car parks, all under the eyes of the surrounding flats. It is a good design solution in rather a livid brick. This type of brick was new to London and shows how much building was going on at the time. There as a national brick shortage so that bricks usually unseen in London were dragged into use here.

Wharncliffe Gardens, The Developer's Plan, 1980

The shape of the estate is exactly as earlier, so they did not acquire more land.


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