Harrow Road, Westway and the Canal

At the end of North Wharf Road, opposite where T. Hosmer Shepherd must have sat to draw the Almshouses, Harrow Road crosses the canal at low level and carries Westway on its back. Westway is canted like a race track as it swings round the curve, only to straighten, ready to cant again this way and that many times, on the way to the White City.

Westway and Harrow Road Cross the Paddington Canal

Looking east from Bishop’s Bridge

Westway and Harrow Road cross the Canal

A section of the two roads one on top of the other, with Westway canted,
to cope with the increased speed of the traffic.

These drawings show the two-tier structure, with Westway above, supported on steel Portal frames, and Harrow Road below. The bridge carrying the two roads is 168 feet (51 metres) long.


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