From the Philological School & A Ragged School
to a Comprehensive and an Academy

This is a long history of the Development of Education on the Lisson Grove/Bell
street sites, from 1792 and an early Ragged School, to 2010.

Lisson Grove and Bell Street have been home to many schools over the years. There have been private schools, church schools and primary schools. This chapter is about what we now call Secondary Education.

The Philological School, which had been established in 1792, moved into its new buildings at the corner of Lisson Grove in 1855. A Ragged School to provide classes for poor children opened in Manning Place and later, St Barnabas's Church was built next door. Both of these last buildings were on the later site of North Westminster Communit School.

The Ragged School in Manning Place appears to have been quite a large building, with what may have been a playground behind. Groups of children were taught the rudiments of education by volunteers and unqualified teachers. Some Ragged Schools also provided food, mostly soup and bread, both as an inducement to attend and even as a prerequisite for learning. It was social as well as educational work.

The Philological School

A Typical Ragged School


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