The 1947 London County Council School Plan

With this future in mind, the L.C.C. published the 1947 London Plan for Education. London Secondary Schools would be reorganized to provide education for all pupils in a local area from 11-19 years old. This was their solution to both the raised expectations among the public for education and the sudden postwar expansion of the London school population.

Map of the Marylebone and Paddington part of the London Schools Plan


London was divided into Planning Units where local schools would be grouped, or new schools built. One of these new Comprehensive High School Groups was in St John's Wood and others in North Paddington, Maida Vale, and Bayswater. In the Bell Street area, St Marylebone Grammar School and Bell Street School would combine to form one Comprehensive School. New buildings would be built on a large site stretching from Penfold Street to Cosway Street. The redundant Grammar School buildings in Marylebone Rd, which were cramped and a hazard in the case of fire, were to be sold off.



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