The New Building on the Old Street Layout

When the Conservatives returned to power, the LCC (which remained Labour controlled) decided to build a new Secondary Modern School in Bell Street, but true to their Comprehensive hopes, they called it a County Complement to St Marylebone Grammar School. The old houses and the Bell Street School building have been shaded in one direction. All these, including the tall blocks of flats called Lisson Street Residences, were demolished but the houses on the other side of Ashmill Street were retained as housing for a number of years. Bellfield School was retained until the new buildings were completed. The new building has been shaded in the opposite direction. Surrounding streets were widened and the school buildings were set back from the road and the tall buildings around the school, to let in the maximum light.

Layout of the Rutherford School, the 'County Complement' to
St Marylebone Grammar School, St Marylebone.

This building became Rutherford Boys School, in the hope of later uniting St Marylebone Grammar and Bellfield School. In 1980 it became Marylebone Lower House, part of the larger North Westminster Community School. In 2010 it became City of Westminster Academy.


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