The Newly Completed Rutherford School

Rutherford School, built 1960.

 Years later, on  2nd March 1998,the building was listed Grade II*

There had been no new building in the Bell Street area for years. Houses were dilapidated after years of war and neglect, so the arrival of this new building, so modern, so pristine, in this drab area was like a foretaste of Spring. Little did people realise the effect the school presence would have on the surrounding houses over the next thirty years.

In the photograph, Bellfield (the renamed Bell Street School) still stands on the right, but would soon be demolished. The building with the white contractors' sign was the old Domestic Science building seen earlier. In the distance are St John’s Wood and the chimney of the Electricity Generating Station, demolished when the National Grid and the Clean Air Acts were introduced. Christchurch Buildings, in Lisson Street, are on the right, behind Bellfield.

The cleared site has now become Lisson Gardens. Ashbridge Street still runs across what are now the Gardens in Broadley Street, so that two small areas of gardens have been created where there were none.


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Updated July 5, 2011