The Future

Despite all the past disagreements between WECH and Westminster, officers of the two organisations have worked together to improve the housing situation in the area. In 1997 Westminster City Council identified the refurbishment of the remaining Walterton houses as a high priority in their housing investment strategy. In partnership with the Council WECH has developed a scheme which will provide 169 new homes for rent over a ten year period, while Notting Hill Home Ownership will refurbish at least another 20 homes.

All the agitation of the previous thirty years has led to a far more stable and constructive situation on the estate, with much more resident participation than ever before After the years of Rachmanism, building decay, 'Homes for Votes', and the asbestos scandal, older residents feel that they had lived through a long, arduous war and were now determined to control the peace.


The Second Rebuilding of Area A

Hermes and Chantry Points have been demolished,
the old low-rise blocks given pitched roofs and
extra blocks built on the old tower sites.

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Updated August 4, 2011