George Peabody House, 30 Bell Street. Marylebone
Architects CZWG.

In 1998 the Peabody Trust redeveloped a British Telecom site and car park as affordable housing. The architects CZWG created this striking building with its curved double-height Mansard roof, to bring the atmosphere of European city life to Bell Street. 54 flats and 42 parking spaces were fitted most ingeniously into a restricted site. There are landscaped gardens and special needs accommodation.

It was during the preparation of this site that the old wells next to individual cess pits, which were described earlier,  were found.' Over the decades this arrangement must have sent many people to the Fever Hospital and killed many others before anyone recognised the danger of water borne diseases and cross contamination from outside privies to drinking water.

Octavia (Hill) House,
Homer Street, Marylebone

This block of ten old people's flats in Homer Street was completed in 1975 It is on the site of Freshwater PIace, which Octavia Hill, the great housing reformer, had taken over in a deplorable condition. Freshwater House had been bought by John Ruskin, to be administered by Octavia Hill. She transformed ii, adding an extra storey and planting trees on a barren site.
For generations Freshwater Place was a pilgrimage site for housing reformers. This is a fitting memorial to Octavia Hill.

Octavia House,  Homer Street


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