Broadway Banyan and West End Quay

Broadway Malyan built on the site at the corner of Praed Street and Harbet Road (once lrongate Road). Two nine-storey buildings and one of fifteen storeys are ranged at the head of the old canal basin, with the upper floors stepped back to reduce the visual impact from Praed Street. There are 453 apartments and 330 parking spaces.

West Quay Praed Street, seen from the direction of the arrow in the site plan below. 


For the first time in two hundred years, the West Quay buildings NOW give public access to the Basin from Praed Street. When this area was open fields, there would have been footpaths along the hedge boundaries, but the coming of the canal closed them. The complete Basin became a security area, full of warehouses and barred entrances. The new developments make it possible for pedestrians to walk from Praed street all the way to the further side of Little Venice, to Paddington Main Line Station, or to St Mary's Terrace on Paddington Green, along a rebuilt Hermitage Street, and by pedestrian crossings across Harrow Road and under Westway. The Basin will unite the whole area instead of dividing it. A complete new pedestrian level has been inserted at the height of Harbet Road. The Praed Street entrance leads directly to the bridge and its central cafe, with views along the length of the basin. The actual entrances have been altered slightly from the original Terry Farrell Master Plan of May 1997, but the principle remains intact.

Buildings in Praed Street looking away from Edgeware Road.

Further along Praed Street, building the St Mary's Hospital extension.


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