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1 St Mary's Addition
2 Paddington Square
3 Entrance to Station concourse
4 Queen Elizabeth/Queen Mary Building 
5 Commercial Office Building
6 Harefield & Brompton Hospital
7 Imperial College Medical School
8 ICMS Extension
9 Existing Clarence Wing

The New St Mary's Hospital Site

It was planned to surround the hospital site with mature trees. Trees wiould extend along the basin from the Paddington Station, along the canal bank, through the boarded walk beside the QE/QM building and back onto land round the new Harefield & Brompton. A necklace of green, softening the whole development.

In December 2000, Westminster City Council Planning Committee criticized various aspects of the designs. The Queen Elizabeth building and the adjoining wing were already too close to the water and extremely ugly. Two similar buildings on either side, would be too much.

While the Nicholas Grimshaw and Richard Rogers schemes were admired, the proposed 42 storey towers over Paddington Station and Harbet Street were too tall. They would interfere with the skyline from a long distance, including the Royal Parks, and produce too much pedestrian traffic in the restricted areas at their feet The towers had to be be reduced in height to 100 metres.

The Developers were advised to reconsider their plans for St Mary's Hospital, Paddington Station. and Grand Union House, and apply again. When the problems had  be resolved, Paddington Basin wiould be redeveloped and usher in yet another complete change to the area.

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