Some Abominable Building

The mansion fiats have moulded brick panels, full of elaborate heads and flowers. Brickwork and plaster of this quality were common at this period and until 1914, but were casualties of the First World War. We have never seen anything to compare with them in ordinary buildings since then. 1959 reached a new low which should never he repeated.

A   Moulded   Brick   Panel

. The Brick Tower, 25 Chapel St.

Look up at the tower of 25 Chapel Street (Fig.l26b) which shows some of the worst bricklaying in London. The bricklayers who built the mansion flats across the road must be turning in their graves.

Oxford & Cambridge Mansions, 1887

Compare the perfect placing of their 1887 bricks, marching up the walls so precisely, with the drunken wanderings of the 1959 work.

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Updated: August 16, 2011