A Three Dimensional Block Map of London

This three dimensional contour map has been drawn in axonometric projection at 5 metre intervals, viewed from the south west. It shows Little Venice, Regent's Park Lake, the Serpentine, and a stretch of the Thames from Waterloo to Putney Bridge.

Thie Block Map gives a general view of the area but tends to smooth out the irregularities. In fact, the River Thames laid down several gravel terraces as it meandered over the valley, over millions of years. On several occasions when the sea level fell, the river cut deeper, leaving its old beds as cliff edges. Thus the valley consists of level ledges and sudden drops to the next ledge. The drop from St Martin's Lane to Trafalgar Square, and from Hyde Park to Grosvenor Place, are typical examples. These subtle changes of level have been lost in this small map.

(Move your mouse over the block map to switch to the contour map used to create it.)
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Updated: January 2, 2013