The Surface or Drift Geology

The Surface Geology

The Surface Geology has been added to the block map showing how the Thames has cut a wide valley through the earlier gravels, resorting them, and laying beds of alluvium, as it has meandered over vast periods of time.

A Three Dimensional Drift Geology Map

Key to Surface or Drift Deposits

A Surface Geology Find

Stone statue of a Roman child

This statue is perhaps a funerary portrait. It depicts a child, four or five years old, wearing a thick cloak and holding a ball. The head is missing, suggesting that the statue had been vandalised long ago, since the easiest and most attractive part of any statue to a thief is the head. A small pigtail remains, suggesting that the statue is of a girl.
It is 2nd century AD and was found during the rebuilding of Westminster School, in Great College Street (not North Westminster School). It is now in the Museum of London. Burial within the walls of a Roman city was forbidden, so the cemetries are found along the approaching roadsides, Westminster is some distance from the old Roman City of London, so perhaps there was a hamlet at Westminster and the child could have lived there, or could have died while the family was travelling and the death been commemorated later by a statue.

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Updated: August 16, 2011