Eric Robinson is Librarian of the Geologists' Association and based at University College London. His work is focussed on the built environment as a means of teaching Geology to schools and the layman. In addition to the building of the streets, the urban cemeteries and parish churchyards are excellent sources of Geology. Walking is the most fruitful method of approach.

Also by Eric Robinson

  • London Illustrated Geological Walks
  • Books 1 & 2 Trafalgar Square See bibliography

Jack Whitehead taught for many years in London schools and has written a number of books on the built environment and local history.

Also by Jack Whitehead

  • The Growth of St Marylebone & Paddington
    (containing a local Geological Walk)
  • The Growth of Stoke Newington
  • The Paddington Almshouse Stone
  • Graphical Communication Made Simple
    See bibliography
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