Lintels are designed to support the bricks above windows,
doorways and other openings.

The Completely New Building.


It is obvious that this building is new. The bricks are new and everything is still bright. It is also built completely differently.

  • It follows the curve of the roadway so as to use every inch of the site.
  • The ground floor shop is set back behind pillars. No other building in the street is like that,
  • The building is the same height as the old ones next door. The pediment matches the next door one exactly and the shop front height and colour match. The architect has been very careful to make his new building fit the street. I suspect that the actual roof of the new building is slightly higher than the old ones, but we cannot see it.
  • There are three major changes. The first and second floors are the same height, so the white band separating them has been lifted.
  • The widows are different from the old ones. The old windows were sash windows, with top and bottom sliding sashes and keystones painted white. These have been replaced with modern metal windows which hinge outwards. One is open in the picture.
  • The new windows in the curve run the full height.
  • The first floor brickwork in the old buildings has been replaced with the same bricks as the new building. This disguises the difference between the old and new buildings cleverly.
  • Lastly,g, with concrete floors and