1734 Map of the Manor

  • Woodberry Down Junior School site was in South River Field
  • Sir Thomas Abney site was in Wood Land Piece,
  • Woodberry Down Comprehensive School, now part of Stoke Newington Secondary School, was in Wood Berry Down Meadow
  • Grazebrook School was in Third Croft Meadow
  • St Mary’s CE School site was on the north side of Church Street
  • Betty Laywood Junior School and Stoke Newington Secondary School sites were in the Glebe Field. (The Glebe field was the property of the Prebendary, the Vicar of St Mary’s Church, and either run by him as his private farm, or let out to a tenant farmer.)
  • William Patten Junior School site was in Stoke Newington Church Street
  • Grasmere Junior School site was somewhere in the fields between Stoke Newington Church Street and Newington Green. Albion Road had not been built, so it is difficult to locate.