Gutch's New Triangular Layout for the Estate

The triangular shape of the new estate had profound effects on the layout of the roads and the resultant house designs. In particular it gave rise to the circular turret shapes at so many street corners. These added a romantic air to the classical details. Connaught Place was started in 1807 and Connaught Square built 1821-30, but progress was slow. Fashionable London was still filling up the Duke of Westminster's estate between Regent's Street and the Edgware Road, opened up so generously by Nash. He had wanted to attract buyers to his new Regent's Park Estate and Regent Street was to be its gateway, but Westminster Estate was nearer and took advantage of the street Nash had kindly built. Nash was to find it difficult to attract purchasers to his more distant Regent's Park and never succeeded in building all the houses he had planned, to our present advantage. If Nash had had difficulties, progress was bound to be even more distant Tyburnia.

Gutch's Final Plan for Tyburnia, 1838.
A stucco terrace with curved bays to
give a sideways view of the Park
A triangular terrace with a rounded corner
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