The 1894 Ordnance Survey Map with the Muswell Hill Road estates added

Frederick 's son, called Rudolph Chambers Lehmann, was born in 1856, a great sportsman and oarsman. He became a Liberal MP in the 1905 landslide, was editor of the Daily News, wrote for Punch and often edited it. He had four children, Helen, Rosamund the novelist, Beatrix, the actress and John, publisher and writer.

This last generation would not have known Woodlands, for the house was sold in 1890, and they were brought up in a house on the edge of the Thames, but John Lehmann records that when young, his father had had glimpses of Dickens, Wilkie Collins, George Elliot, Bulwer Lytton, Browning and dozens of other literary and artistic friends of the older generation, at Woodlands and elsewhere.



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